The S.A. «Nouveaux Etablissements Charles Martin» (hereinafter called «Martin System®») was founded by M. Charles Martin.

The initial main activity of the company was the distribution and installation of electrical heating systems, mainly ACEC-brand.


Charles Martin & his son Joseph Martin, decide to diversify their activity and invest in the research and development of dog training systems, the Martin System®’s brand was born!

Year after year, the activity related to dog training systems was growing and a full range of products was developed for dog training, but also falcon training and more in general animal training and surveillance.


Acquisition by BCBB

For more than ten years, Bart & Michael Bellon, owners of B.C.BB had been closely working together with Martin System® and with M. Charles Martin. The collaboration, both commercial and technological brought significant added value to the company in its new product development.

It was a logical step for M. Charles Martin to sell and hand-over the company to B.C.BB. In the meantime, B.C.BB had developed its own products using the cutting edge technology in electronics from Martin System.

The take-over allowed Martin System® to further develop its product portfolio with the right focus and the necessary market know-how. The dog training experience of M et Mrs Bellon representing an incredible asset and differentiator for the company.


B.C.BB bvba is a Belgian company, owned and managed by Mrs Michael Bellon & M. Bart Bellon. From its inception the company has specialised in dog training (concept & NePoPo® school) and in the development and distribution of dog training equipment for Professionals and individual dog owners (leisure, hunting…).

  • Since the take-over of Martin System® :

  • B.C.BB is focussing entirely on the dog training activity (NePoPo® school : www.bartbellon.com).

  • Martin System® organizes the development, manufacturing and commercialisation of dog training systems