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les technologies martin system®


With the « B » technology, build your own collar and get notified by your dog by Bluetooth!

  • With the App Doggify, and the « B » technology you will :
  • Be notified of the quality of the skin conatct, Be notified of Battery level
  • Be notified of Temperature of the collar*
  • Be able to tune some advanced parameters of your collar i.e:
    • all levels of your collar can be modified to have the best feeling of your dog for each training activity
    • Disabled electricity in countries where the electricity is not allowed

* In the range of the bluetooth connection

SSC – Stimulation à sensation constante

SSC / Sensation constante

Whatever the conditions, humidity of the hairs of the dog, or the thickness of the dog hair, the SSC technology guarantees a constant perception of sensation for your animal.

This technology is patented and is exclusive to Martin System®.

This is a patent with the welfare of your animal in mind.
Experience it for your dog and for yourself.

NHT – New High Technology

With the help of this patented technolgy, Martin System® is able to decrease the size of its electronic collar.

No compromise between micro size and consitent collar:

  • Extended battery life time
  • Consistent electronic stimulation

Best of Martin System Technology in a shell

Contact Measurement

With the help of the NHT and SSC Patent:

Our collars are able to detect the quality of the skin contact.

  • A good quality contact avoid any unvoluntary over stimulation
  • You are sure your collar is correctly placed on the neck of your dog

Chameleon® Patent

Chameleon Patent give you a lot of advantages:

  • Improve the skin contact as the contact points are on the side
  • Give you the opporutnity to easily change the position of the contact points and avoiding mechanical necrosis
  • Adapted to use with Feathers contact to have a 100% quality skin contact
  • Invisible on the neck of your dog where discretion is needed


The best Hand free kit for your remote on the market:

  • More than 10 years of sales
  • The smallest
  • The best battery time life
  • The best range between the Finger Kick and the remote control

With the help of the Finger Kick, you can keep your two hands free while training your dog!

Martin System®

Where passion for dogs & dog training meets  passion for innovation & excellence.

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