The NePoPo® school is a world renowned school & community that excels in dog education. The NePoPo dog training methodology has been developed by Bart & Michael Bellon and stands for Negative – Positive – Positive dog training (

The methodology aims to be the best dog training system where a dog will always obey on demand and with heart & soul. Today, the steadily growing NePoPo community counts more than 300 gold school fellows. 
Martin System® never compromises on animal welfare and on bringing the best dog education products to the market.

The NePoPo® school
engages to teach its fellows to exclusively use animal friendly training collars and to use them in an appropriate manner.

The combination of these two excellence-driven approaches is unique in the dog world.

All products at Martin System® are designed baring in mind animal
welfare and the principles of the NePoPo® school.